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Q: My jar of sauerkraut is leaking. Is it still safe to eat? 
A: Yes, the sauerkraut is perfectly fine and in fact "alive" with      beneficial bacteria. We do not can or seal our jars and do        not add any preservatives so if the kraut gets too warm or      is still in an active fermenting phase, the cap may swell a          and the jar may leak. That is why it is best to keep your             ferments in the fridge in order to keep the temperature          down and to slow the fermenting process. Unless you see      mold, there is no need to worry. 
Q: What is the difference between your sauerkraut and the         stuff you find in the grocery aisle? 
A: Our sauerkraut is "Lacto-Fermented", which means we use only Grade A sea salt as a natural preservative. We do not add any other preservatives or vinegars to our products. The sauerkraut you find on the grocery store shelf has been pasteurized and hence stripped of any nutritional value. Our products are literally alive with beneficial bacteria that is fantastic for gut health.
What is Lacto-Fermentation and why is it good for me?
Lacto-Fermentation is an age old, time tested process of using salt and naturally occurring bacterias like lactobacillus found on health organic vegetables, to preserve foods. create an environment that promotes the growth and              proliferation of "healthy" bacteria, while inhibiting the              growth of "bad' bacteria.In fact, most traditional societies around the world use some sort of lacto-fermentation as a way to store food for long periods of time. The wonderful things about fermented foods is that they hold their nutritional integrity, making them full of vitamins, enzymes, minerals and probiotics. Fermented foods help aid in digestion and allow the body to absorb nutrients more efficiently.