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Pigeon Cove Ferments was born at home in "Pigeon Cove", a small neighborhood in the quiet North Shore town of Rockport, Massachusetts. My husband Dylan and I live in his childhood home with our young children Ronin and Runa. We spend our free time bringing this old house back to life, gardening, keeping chickens and slowly building a homestead. We have a small greenhouse, large garden and many raised beds that we tend to. Finding we were always left with an abundance of produce that would otherwise go to waste, we started canning and fermenting as a way to reap the benefits of our hard work and preserve food to sustain us through the long New England winters. 

As a new stay-at-home mom and avid gardener with a degree in Sustainable and Equitable Food Systems and a background in landscape design, I wanted to find a way to incorporate my past experience with my passion for growing healthy food. I envisioned a sustainable, environmentally responsible small business that would enrich the community by supporting our farmers and encouraging a connection to our land. My husband is the head brewer of our local brewery so fermenting with vegetables seemed a natural progression for us. With his help, I launched PCF.  Working with local farms on and around Cape Ann and sourcing our salt from the North Atlantic, we are excited to offer the community a truly local and healthy product in our sauerkrauts. Welcome to Pigeon Cove Ferments and thank you kindly for stopping by. ~ Kristen